The Château-Thierry Flying club is located in the Champagne region, 50 minutes from Paris by train. It is a great location, on a non-towered airfield with very simple airspace, yet easily accessible from Paris. Just a kilometer away from the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial commemorating the young Americans who fought and lost their lives during the first world war, the Belleau airfield (LFFH) is a small friendly GA strip (grass, 900m long) run by a team of dedicated volunteers.

Our instructors are active commercial pilots or ATC controllers, always eager to help other people discover our beautiful region and country from the sky.

If you are a foreign pilot, or just an aviation enthusiast who would like to see the champagne vineyards from the air, please contact us! You will be surprised to find a very GA-friendly country with more than 600 airports, efficient ATC and avgas widely available.

We operate 3 aircrafts including a Jodel taildragger and 2 robin DR-400. The 180Hp DR-400 will carry 4  adults with full fuel, giving it a very appreciable range as well as excellent short-field performance. This touring aircraft is equipped with two VHF, GPS and a two axis autopilot. It cruises at around 120kts and easily climbs above FL100, making it a perfect all around touring aircraft, well suited for mountain flying.

If you never have landed a taildragger on a grass strip, you should definitely try our Jodel. It has the same dihedral wingtip as the Robin and cruises at 100kts on a 100HP engine. This classical trainer from the 60’s is still operated by many flying clubs due to its excellent flying characteristics as well as very economic operating costs.

The 120hp DR-400 is our basic trainer for those who prefer taking lessons on a tricycle gear, instead of the more demanding taildragger. It is fitted with a GTN750 GPS.


The options are numerous, wether it is just for a quick sightseeing or a trip to nearby countries: the United Kingdom or Belgium are just 1.5 hours away, and it will take about two hours to fly to Switzerland and the Alps. The channel islands are also 2.5 hours away, making them a very popular destination.

One of our CFIs has a mountain rating, enabling him to take you to challenging airports like Courchevel, Méribel or l’Alpe d’Huez, very short sloped strips where you will hone your short field landing skills. French mountain airfields are mostly located in the northern Alps, meaning you could in a single day fly around the Mont Blanc summit (top of the Alps, 15780ft) and land on 3-4 mountain airfields before flying back to Château Thierry. Overnight stays are possible as well, there are some fine private strips in traditional alpine villages. Another option would be to stop in the Alps en route to Corsica island, the options are endless…